Terms & Condition

Offer, order & Acceptance
Ekeybay.com have rights to modify or withdraw offer or prices mention on the website. Ekeybay.com is doing its best to ensure availability of all the products on website however we cannot guarantee of that. If order cannot be fulfilled or processed by Ekeybay.com then in that case Ekeybay.com has complete rights to reject the order & in that case full payment made by customer will be refunded to the customer. Any order placed on Ekeybay.com for purchase of product is subject to acceptance. As soon as Ekeybay.com delivers you the product the acceptance of order takes effect. All information provided by you while placing the order must be up to date & accurate to fulfil your order

Price and Payment
Prices will be shown on website but final price will be shown after Ekeybay.com acceptance in the case of variation. Ekeybay.com will notify you any error of prices on website. Payment shall be made prior to delivery and by methods that are indicated on the website.

Product Delivery
The term ‘Product’ means “Product Key”. No physical delivery of the product/ CD/ Manual will be made to you. Product key will be delivered to your registered mail id & Mobile Number. If you fail to take the product key delivered by Ekeybay.com, any risk of loss or damage will pass to you and Ekeybay.com will have the right of payment in full for the product key delivered.

For any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages Ekeybay.com will not be liable under any legal theory or contract. Ekeybay.com will be liable for damages caused by a breach of a material contractual obligation with intention or gross negligence but limited to the amount of damages upto maximum of Product Cost.

Ekeybay.com can stop or suspend the delivery of product key in case of non payment.

You are responsible for checking the delivery of product key by Ekeybay.com, If product key not delivered to you as per description you can notify Ekeybay.com Within 2 working days otherwise your right are excluded.

Return Policy
Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on Digital items, so please research all products to fit your needs prior to purchasing. Contact customer care if you have any inquiries prior to ordering. For renewal product key purchase ensure that you are currently using particular product on your system then only purchase the renewal product

Cancellation Policy
After Delivery of the Product Key order cannot be cancelled.

Privacy Policy
Customer Data Collected are completely secure & will not be provided to any other company / entity & will only be used by ekeybay.com for providing best offers and to resolve customers issues within the validity period of the product.

Refund Policy
All Sales are final. No refunds will be given for Digital Product Keys that is delivered successfully. No refund if the problem is on customer end. If product key once registered by the customers, ekeybay.com will not be liable for any kind of Refund. Refund can only made in the condition where product key is not working and customer is not willing to take a replacement. No cash refunds will be made to the customer under any circumstances. The amount will be transferred to the customer’s account from where the payment has been made.